Atom Academy


Training Camp for ADCC EGYPT 2024

Our talented athletes are gearing up for the ADCC Jiu Jitsu-Grappling competition in Cairo on March 8th! Organised by @adcc_egypt 🎥 Get ready to witness…

Kids Belt Promotion in Atom

Special Kids’ Belt Promotion Day on November 29. Let’s celebrate the dedication and progress of our talented young martial artists.


New Partnership!!! We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Pharaohs Athletic Club. Providing jiu jitsu, boxing and kickboxing classes. Instagram Follow Pharaohs Athletic Club…

Competition Results: ADCC Open EGYPT 2023

Our team participated in the world’s greatest submission grappling tournament, the ADCC. September 30th, here in Egypt. Our athletes showed incredible dedication and world-class athletic…