Atom Academy

White to blue curriculum


Crossed body and variation
Side control attack
Modified scarf hold Americana attack
Knee on belly attacks
X choke | baseball choke | step around arm bar
North south attack
Kimura and arm bar attack
Full mount preparation
Full mount attacks Ezekiel choke and arm bar
Sweeps from closed guard opponent on knee
- Scissor sweep and variation
- Reverse Scissor sweep
- Armpit sweep
- Kimura sweep (hip bump)
Closed guard passes
- Guard pass #1
- Guard pass #2
Sweeps opponent standing
- Double ankle sweep
- Elbow belt flip
- Elbow punch sweep
- Omoplata sweep


Attacks closed guard
- Escolinha (preparation drills) closed guard
- Arm bar
- X choke and variation
- Triangle
- Omoplata
- Kimura
Half guard passes
- Half guard pass under hook
- Half guard pass over hook
- Half guard pass kimura
Escapes from positions
- Cross body escape
- Back escape
- Full mount escape
Escapes from submissions
- Arm bar
- Omoplata escape
- Triangle escape
- Clock choke escape


Attacking turtle
- Clock choke
- Crucifix set up
Butterfly guard passes
- 90 degree butterfly guard pass
- Step over butterfly guard pass
Half guard sweeps
- Half butterfly guard sweep
- Leg hug sweep
Bottom half guard attack
Chokes from the back
- X-choke
- Single wing
- Bow and arrow
Take downs
- Outer reaping throw
- Double leg take down
- Hip throw
- Neck throw


Spider guard sweeps
- Kneeling spider guard sweep
- Standing spider guard sweep
Butterfly guard sweeps
- Butterfly guard sweep
- Butterfly guard sweep go behind
De La Riva sweeps
- De La Riva sweep opponent kneeling
- De La Riva sweep opponent standing
Spider guard passes
- Spider guard pass standing
- Spider guard pass kneeling