Training Camp Gi & NoGi – September 2023

📢 Special Announcement 📢

We’re on the verge of organizing an intensive training camp that will prepare you to participate in two upcoming competitions in September.

The first in Gi & NoGi is a continental competition, scheduled for September 22nd, organized by the AJP Tour.

But that’s not all!

On September 30th, the first-ever NoGi competition of its kind will take place, marking a significant milestone for Egypt. This competition is organized by the ADCC.

We believe in your capabilities and want to equip you to face whatever these competitions may bring.

Enroll today and prepare to embark on a Jiu-Jitsu adventure like no other.

Join us in Cairo from September 3rd to 27. Together, we’ll push limits, showcase skills, and reach new heights.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. Join us for the Atom International Training Camp and show the world what you’re capable of. I’ll see you on the mats!


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