Mastering the Art! Tips & Tricks for Every JIU-JITSU Practitioner

Learn how to master the single leg takedown in jiu-jitsu.
This versatile and powerful technique is a must-have in any grappling arsenal, and can be used to take down opponents of all sizes and skill levels.

Watch coach Sharaf Deen, jiu-jistu black belt, demonstrates the key steps to executing the single leg takedown with precision and control, despite the various reactions that your opponent may have.

With clear explanations and tips for proper form, you’ll be able to incorporate this technique into your own jiu-jitsu practice and take your skills to the next level.

In the first part, Coach Sharaf Deen will be showing you how to execute the Single Leg Takedown technique and common mistakes to avoid. He will also talk about the position and movements needed to successfully pull off this technique.

In the second part, coach Sharaf Deen will show you two tips more for the Single Leg Takedown. Also, you will learn what you have to do after the takedown.

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